Automated Mobile Phase Preparation

Automated Mobile Phase Prep in minutes…with push-button convenience.

New: Automated pH Adjustment

For over 50 years, liquid chromatography has experienced innovation after innovation – except in one area. Mobile phases are still made essentially the way they were in the early days of chromatography, using volumetric or graduated glassware, manually pouring solvents from one vessel to another.

There’s a better way.


The PhasePrep™ – from Design Scientific™ and iChrom Solutions.

Fully-Automated Mobile Phase Prep – including pH adjustment.

  • Accurate

  • Precise

  • Safe

  • Secure

  • GxP-Compliant

Why PhasePrep™?

  • PhasePrep™ is fully automated. Once you push “start”, you walk away, go do something else, then come back to a finished, correctly-prepared mobile phase.
  • PhasePrep™ is easy. No bottles, pouring, reading lines on cylinders or flasks. Just software-driven, automated mobile phase prep.
  • PhasePrep™ is safe. Vapors are all contained within a closed system. You can operate the unit anywhere - in a hood or on an open bench.
  • PhasePrep™ is flexible. Simply load the stored protocol for the solution you want, select the volume you need, and push “start”. That’s it.
  • PhasePrep™ adjusts pH - unattended. The unit excels at making buffers. Proper titration to an endpoint is precisely-controlled by the sophisticated reagent delivery systems, which add smaller and smaller volumes as pH endpoints are reached, preventing overshoot.
  • PhasePrep™ is fast. Individual solvents can be delivered up to 500 mL per minute.
  • PhasePrep™ is compliant. A GxP-quality validation script is included with the unit.

And - when the mobile phase is complete, PhasePrep™ prints a compliant label.

A typical mobile phase prep as performed today (and 50 years ago!)…

  1. Verify the recipe in your SOP.
  2. Collect glassware - graduated cylinders, volumetric flasks, mobile phase bottles, graduated pipettes, etc.
  3. Lift heavy reagent bottles – often four liters (and weighing ~ 12 pounds – or more).
  4. Lift those heavy bottles high over the graduated cylinders, and pour (try not to splash!)
  5. Stop at the correct volume, by reading a meniscus in the cylinder. If you’re clever you may not fill the cylinder to full volume from the original container, but use a small beaker to finish.
  6. Discard any extra solvent left in the beaker.
  7. Repeat for every component in the mobile phase; often 3 or 4 times for a single solution. Running binary gradients with mixtures? Make that 6 to 8 operations total.
  8. What if the recipe you have is for more reagent volume than you actually need for your runs? You either a) recalculate everything, documenting carefully, or b) make the recipe, then toss what you don’t need, wasting money on both reagents and extra waste disposal.
  9. Add to this - dangerous solvent vapors when working on an open bench; or, for better safety, do it in a cramped hood. Plus the hazards of spills and hassle of clean-up.
  10. Need a buffer? At your pH meter, add acid (or base), drop-by-drop; wait for pH equilibration between drops. Especially slow and tedious when nearing your pH endpoint - after all, the job of a buffer is to resist pH change… Overshot the endpoint? Time to start over.

How does the PhasePrep™ make mobile phases instead?

It prepares solutions Gravimetrically.

Equipped with a precision balance, highly accurate pumping systems, and custom, proprietary software, the PhasePrep™ uses solvent densities to deliver accurate reagent volumes - by weight. Not only does this approach allow for rapid and reproducible solution creation, but scaling of recipes is as simple as entering the desired final volume into the software. And 1000 unique recipes can be stored in the system for recall. This makes the PhasePrep™ especially suitable for hard-working labs with many different assays.

Since the balance and the software keep track of the actual weight of solvent delivered, documentation is comprehensive and compliant, up to and including printing the label for the final reagent mix.

Full Automation

Place solvent feed lines in source bottles

Place destination vessel on the balance

Use touchscreen to select volumes and compositions

Press Start

PhasePrep™ will change the way you make mobile phases – forever.

PhasePrepTM Specifications

Typical solvent dispensing precision: +/- 2 drops (one drop ~ .025 g)
Solvent weighing precision: 0.01 grams (~ 10 microliters) 8,200
Balance Capacity: grams
Number of methods stored: 1000
Number of solvent pumps: 2 – 8 pumps
Pump type: Pulseless, self-priming, magnetically-coupled gear pumps
Wetted materials of construction: Teflon©, 316 stainless steel, graphite
Maximum Solvent delivery rate: 500 ml/minute for each pump
Security: Password protected operator and administrative functions.
Documentation: Full GxP documentation available.
Computer: Built in, touchscreen PC with Windows XP operating system
Electrical: 110-240 Volts @ 50-60 Hz, 100 Watts
Physical: 27 cm (10.7”) W x 53 cm (20.8”) L x 35 cm (6.9”) H
Weight: Varies depending on the number of pumps

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