Sample Introduction & Control for Mass Spectrometry

The MiDas Sampling Interface and Masscape Software

An option for seamless integration with MiD® products, the MiDas™ compact sampling interface allows automated sampling, dilution and injection for direct mass spectrometer analysis.

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MiDas™ compact sampling interface

Key MiDas® benefits

  • Designed for both flow and direct injection monitoring at the point of reaction or processing
  • Direct injection analysis via optional motorized 2-position 6-port valve
  • Integration with the 4500 MiD® mass spectrometer allows system deployment for on-line, at-line, or off-line applications in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and fine chemical environments.
  • Easy to use software for sampling set up and data analysis – no prior knowledge of mass spectrometry (MS) required
  • Make-up pump and active splitter dilutes the sample from the reaction flow for analysis in the 4500 MiD® MS detector
  • Automated sample sequences include flushing to ensure no carry-over

Masscape® Control Software

Providing full control of sample method, data acquisition and the analysis of samples, the 4500 MiD® features our integrated, intuitive open-access software, Masscape®.

Designed for rapid set up and ease of analysis, Masscape® also removes the need for a monitor or keyboard. The remote-control LAN connection enables deployment anywhere in the laboratory or within processing facilities, including in fume hoods.

iChrom Solutions

Masscape® also controls the dilution and ports in the optional MiDasTM liquid sampling interface unit for flow and direct injection monitoring, automated sample and flushing set up in the 4500 MiD®. In addition, the software may be used off-line as a data analysis tool.

In Summary - the 4500 MiD® from Microsaic - together with the MiDas and Masscape software - is a unique, purpose-built instrument designed to meet your point-of-need mass spectrometry requirements - simply, efficiently, compactly, and economically.

Microsaic products are available in North America - only from iChrom Solutions.
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