Online-SPE/UHPLC Systems

CHRONECT Symbiosis – An Introduction

iChrom is the North American Leader in analytical systems for fully-automated, online sample preparation, coupled with HPLC or UHPLC separations.
These systems are collectively-known by the trademark “CHRONECT Symbiosis”.
CHRONECT Symbiosis is offered in three primary configurations – Basic, Plus, and Advanced:

CHRONECT Symbiosis Online SPE/UHPLC Systems with PAL autosampler

CHRONECT Symbiosis on-line, automated sample preparation uses high-performance solid-phase extraction (SPE) cartridges, providing ultra-selective analyte extraction and purification, prior to subsequent HPLC or UHPLC analysis.

CHRONECT Symbiosis systems from iChrom may be used for standalone sample clean-up, or paired with downstream liquid chromatography. They can be employed as front ends for a variety of detectors, including mass spectrometers (LC-MS or LC-MS-MS), UV-Visible or photodiode array (PDA) detectors, fluorometers, or any other liquid chromatography-compatible detection modules.

CHRONECT Symbiosis systems are controlled by CHRONOS CHRONECT Symbiosis Software (Axel Semrau, GmbH & Co.). CHRONOS interfaces readily with over a dozen data acquisition and control packages for the most popular commercial mass spectrometers, including Sciex1, Agilent2, Waters3, Thermo4, Shimadzu5, Bruker6, and many others.

On-line SPE has been proven viable and efficient for nearly 40 years - for hundreds of analytes across pharmaceutical, environmental, forensic, clinical, food/agriculture and other markets.

CHRONECT Symbiosis is the culmination of this time-tested technology.

In addition to the previously-available microparticulate SPE cartridges, iChrom now offers high-pressure CHRONECT Symbiosis cartridges - i.e., UHPLC-compatible - allowing even more efficient extractions, narrower peak shape profiles, and higher sensitivity detection.

All CHRONECT Symbiosis systems include: 1) a proprietary UHPLC chromatography system; 2) a purpose-built online-SPE extraction unit; 3) the robust and reliable PAL autosampler with flexible options for sample preparation; 4) CHRONOS control software.

Please contact iChrom Solutions for further details.

1Sciex is a registered trademark of AB Sciex Pte. Ltd; 2Agilent is a registered trademark of Agilent Technologies, Inc.; 3Waters is a registered trademark of Waters Technology corporation; 4Thermo is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific, LLC; ; 5Shimadzu is a registered trademark of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.; 6Bruker is a registered trademark of Bruker Corporation