Compact, Portable Mass Spectrometry

Looking for a compact, portable, economical, quadrupole mass spectrometer to meet your point-of-need requirements; or just to save space in your crowded laboratory?

iChrom Solutions is pleased to announce:

The 4500 MiD® Miniature Mass Spectrometer

The Microsaic 4500 MiD® is a miniaturized, single-quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS) designed with the applications chemist in mind. Using proprietary, patented micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology, the 4500 MiD® delivers serious mass spectrometry performance, in the smallest commercially-available mass spectrometer.

The “one-box”, compact design of the 4500 MiD® is a complete system, including the ion source, the quadrupole, the electron multiplier, the vacuum system, and all electronics - in a single unit measuring only 55 x 35 x 25 cm (22 x 14 x 10 in.), and weighing only 32 kg (~70 lb.) – including PC.

This means the system can be installed in places where no other mass spectrometer could possibly be deployed; locations such as process streams where continuous, real-time data collection is needed for reaction optimization, field locations such as vehicle-based mobile laboratories, or even just conventional bench labs where space is at a premium.

For example, the product can easily be placed in a fume hood next to a flow reactor; or in a process plant near a feed stream, to ensure real-time quality control of industrial products.

The 4500 MiD® is also equipped with a remote operations software module for rapid, convenient integration with third-party control systems.

And due to the miniaturized elements within the system, power usage is limited to 250W (operating)/300W (peak), with a typical nitrogen consumption of only 2.5 L/min @30-90 psi.

Benefits of the 4500 MiD® MS System

  • Small enough to fit in your lab hood
  • Simple to set up in minutes
  • Self-contained, including vacuum and data systems
  • Optimized for process monitoring
  • Rugged and portable for field deployment (e.g., mobile labs)
  • Equipped with a mass range of 50-1400 m/z
  • Serviceable without tools (front-end); low maintenance
  • Compatible with HPLC, UHPLC, Prep LC, TLC, CE, and Nano-LC
  • Inexpensive to operate; low power and N2 consumption
  • Perfect for on-site, point-of-need applications
  • Pumps down in 30 minutes or less; ideal for cart implementation and/or use with multiple LC systems

The 4500 MiD® system is also ideal for:

  • Labs with limited space
  • Staff with limited/no MS knowledge or expertise
  • Environments with no previous MS infrastructure
  • Tight training budgets (i.e, simple to learn)

What is “Point-of-Need”?

“Point-of-Need” refers to a process or situation requiring immediate resources or data at a precise location.
Examples include:

  • a specific step in a production process
  • a research project where rapid and timely results provide faster research outcomes
  • medical or clinical events requiring responsive assessment and treatment
  • testing on-site at a field location
  • or any other scenario where sample transfer to another location is inconvenient
  • expensive
  • challenging
  • or even life-threatening

In pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, or industrial environments, data may be required to identify and characterize the components of a chemical or biological process. Point-of-need analysis using powerful mass spectrometry detection, enables users to make decisions to adjust, optimize and control their processes in real-time. Instead of suffering costly delays sending samples to a centralized MS facility, the 4500 MiD® technology from Microsaic provides processing and manufacturing agility, as well as overall laboratory and commercial productivity.

Point-of-need MS provides greater assurance of the final product and its critical quality attributes - a particular concern for biologics - and saves both pharmaceutical (small molecule) and biopharmaceutical (large molecule) organizations valuable time, resources, materials, and ultimately, money.

Chip-Based, MEMS Technology

The design of the Microsaic 4500 MiD® is made possible by advanced, proprietary chip-based MEMS technology, which enables analytical detection and characterization at an unprecedented degree of miniaturization. This also makes the 4500 MiD® highly portable, quick, and very easy to set up and maintain – without prior MS knowledge such as required by larger, more complex systems.

This same approach also allows the ion source, quadrupole, and other system components to be exchanged on a plug-and-play basis; this means the instrument front-end is serviceable without tools.

iChrom Solutions

Other Key Features of the 4500 MiD® MS System

  • Exceptional ionization efficiency
  • Quick and seamless integration with third party chromatography workflows
  • Low N2 flow allows lab cylinder versus large Dewars or external tanks
  • Completely tool-less front end; ultra-fast quick release “bayonet” style
  • Pre-aligned off-axis ESI source
  • Integrated PC for stand-alone operation
  • Simple user interface with real-time data display
  • Input for secondary detector; analog signal output
  • Data saved in standard cdf format (other formats also supported)
  • Standalone analysis software available for a PC

In Summary - the 4500 MiD® from Microsaic - together with the MiDas and Masscape software - is a unique, purpose-built instrument designed to meet your point-of-need mass spectrometry requirements - simply, efficiently, compactly, and economically.

Microsaic products are available in North America - only from iChrom Solutions.
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