About iChrom Solutions

Making Connections to Automation

For over 15 years, iChrom Solutions has been providing answers for laboratories needing Integrated Laboratory Automation.

Beginning in the early 2000’s, iChrom has been the exclusive North American dealer for automated, online SPE sample preparation products from Spark Holland in the Netherlands (to learn more about these products, click HERE)

Since those early years, iChrom’s product line has continually expanded to include not only the most recent generation of Symbiosis systems – now CHRONECT Symbiosis from Axel Semrau - but also multiple world-class suppliers of UHPLC, HPLC, pumps, mass spectrometry, osmometry, and standalone software/hardware for data acquisition and instrument control.

These suppliers include Knauer Chromatography, Microsaic Systems, DataApex, and others.

This broad offering of chromatographic, sample preparation, and related technologies allows iChrom Solutions to provide sophisticated, fully automated, customizable platforms to meet the needs of virtually any laboratory in this domain.

And these platforms are supported by well over 100 man-years of expertise in configuring, installing, supporting – and servicing - the successful use of these laboratory solutions.

Simply look to The Bridge in our logo for the summary of our capabilities:

“Making Connections to Automation”

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