Online-SPE/UHPLC Systems

CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced – Powerful UHPLC with 1000-bar Online-SPE for Routine Applications

CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced is the flagship CHRONECT Symbiosis model offered by iChrom, giving the most advanced integration with UHPLC analysis. As a result, CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced provides the best analytical peak shape and the highest analyte sensitivity possible with online SPE/UHPLC. CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced includes all of the modules in the CHRONECT Symbiosis Plus, but the Dual ACE (“Automated Cartridge Exchanger”) module is upgraded to handle online extractions up to 1,000 bar. This also requires special PEEK SPE cartridges of 1 mm diameter and very low dead volume (~8 µL) to give highly-efficient elution profiles, and thus taller analytical peaks.

Fundamental increased assay performance benefits of CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced are the same as for our other CHRONECT Symbiosis systems, deriving from online SPE coupled to UHPLC.

These benefits include:

  • 1 Minimized raw sample preparation steps
  • 2 No drying/evaporation steps
  • 3 No extracted sample reconstitution
  • 4 Improved data precision
  • 5 High performance analytical separations - up to 1,280 bar without SPE
  • 6 Online SPE/UHPLC up to 1,000 bar (requires PEEK SPE cartridges)
  • 7 Full automation

Because of its unique architecture, the CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced offers the scientist three distinct operational capabilities (without replumbing!):

  • 1 Standalone, automated SPE sample prep
  • 2 Direct injection of pre-extracted/preprocessed samples for UHPLC
  • 3 Integrated online SPE and UHPLC

Any of these three options may serve as a front-end to multiple detectors (including MS and MS-MS), or even a fraction collector if desired.

Along with these powerful options, the 1,000-bar Dual ACE Module - and total of four UHPLC switching valves - adds all the benefits of two cartridges, including:

  • Rapid SPE Method Development Protocols, with real-time feedback for each variable tested
  • Optimization Routines to further improve existing or older methods
  • Concurrent UHPLC analysis and online SPE sample prep of the following sample**
  • Peak focusing onto the UHPLC column via mixed-mode cartridge chemistries
  • 2-dimensional SPE extractions for ultra-high selectivity and reduced ion suppression
  • Rapid determination of analyte breakthrough during method development via two identical cartridges

**With a Single ACE module, a sample is extracted via the single online cartridge, then the cartridge is eluted into the analytical column and UHPLC performed. With the Dual ACE module, the second cartridge allows for the next sample to be extracted during the previous sample’s analysis time. This can result in much shorter overall cycle times, and is ideal for laboratories requiring very high throughput. This process is intelligently and efficiently managed by the included CHRONOS CHRONECT Symbiosis software.

Finally, due to the 1,000-bar pressure compatibility of the ACE module – coupled with the narrow bore, 1 mm PEEK cartridges – CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced online SPE delivers superior peak profiles to even those of the CHRONECT Symbiosis Plus system, especially for lower UHPLC analytical flow rates.

See below for more details on the CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced system modules, features, and options.

CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced Overview

  • Fully automated and unattended switching between SPE-MS, UHPLC-MS and fully-integrated SPE-UHPLC-MS
  • Minimal or no manual sample pre-treatment steps via disposable SPE cartridges
  • Zero-loss sample processing; i.e., total analyte mass from raw sample volume processed is introduced into the UHPLC system for detection
  • Dual-Cartridge, 1,000-bar ACE module - plus three extra UHPLC valves - offers multiple additional operational features and routines for research, rapid method development, and faster cycle times
  • Low dead-volume, 1 mm internal diameter SPE cartridges provide optimum analytical UHPLC peak shapes and maximum sensitivity, especially at very low UHPLC flow rates
  • Concurrent SPE sample clean-up and online-SPE-LC-MS analysis, giving zero sample prep time
  • Automatic UHPLC solvent compressibility compensation and automatic purge & prime functions
  • Controlled sample prep SPE flow rates (10 - 5000 µL/min) with SPE pressures up to 1,000 bar
  • Advanced CTC PAL autosampler for injection and other sample operations (raw sample handling, mix/dilute, addition of internal standard, etc.)
  • Fast Wash of syringe, aspirate & dispense
  • Facile, straightforward integration of CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced with most commercial mass spectrometer control/data systems
  • Reduced LC-MS ionization suppression and sample carry-over
  • Completely GLP-compliant system

Modules included in CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced

  • SPH1299 UHPLC gradient pump with 2x2 solvent selections - details HERE, see “CHRONECT SPH1299 Pump”
  • 4-piston architecture provides compressibility-compensated binary gradient flows from 1-4000 µL/min. at pressures up to 1,280 bar (~18,850 psi) for UHPLC separations
  • ACE dual clamp (1,000 bar), 4x UHPLC valves - details HERE, see “CHRONECT ACE (Automated Cartridge Exchanger)”
  • ACE (“Automated Cartridge Exchanger”) SPE module manages high-performance SPE extraction cartridges, automatically switching-in new cartridge for each discreet sample
  • HPD Mix 1x SSM / Organizer - details HERE see “CHRONECT HPD Mix”
  • Delivers up to 7 different solvents for SPE extraction protocols; capable of delivering up to 300 bar pressures at precise and accurate flow rates for use with high-performance microparticulate cartridges to obtain maximum extraction reproducibility
  • Mistral Cool - details HERE see “CHRONECT Mistral Cool”
  • Provides precise column temperature control from 4° C. to 75° C. With the optional column selector, allows sequencing of multiple runs under completely different analytical conditions
  • PAL LSI Autosampler with second valve - - details HERE, see “CHRONECT PAL LSI Autosampler”
  • Multi-purpose configuration may be used for direct sample injection in UHPLC-alone mode; sample handling of raw samples for SPE extractions; or complex operations including sample transfers, dilute and mix, internal standard addition, and others
  • CHRONOS CHRONECT Symbiosis software - details HERE see “CHRONOS Symbiosis Software”
  • Provides all operational control of CHRONECT Symbiosis Plus system; allows for seamless, single-table sample queues in a variety of commercial MS data acquisition and control software

Advanced Options

  • NEW – Add CHRONECT Extract Collector - details HERE, see “Fraction Collectors”
  • Upgrade HPD Mix SSM (Solvent Selector Module); 2nd valve gives 12 solvents total
  • Mistral Cool Column Selection UHPLC (for multiple UHPLC column choices)
  • Sample cooling with Peltier Stacks (4-40 °C)
  • PAL Sampler options
  • Solvent Module with 3 extra solvents
  • Higher capacity with more racks
  • Enhanced mixing with vortexer or agitator
  • Integration into workflows with 2D Barcode Reader

Many more options are available – see CHRONECT Symbiosis Modules