Online Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges (SPE)

CHROSPE Cartridges for Online Sample Preparation

At the heart of the CHRONECT Symbiosis online-SPE systems is the CHROSPE cartridge. The CHROSPE cartridge range has been specifically developed for the CHRONECT Symbiosis on-line SPE system. This all-important SPE consumable is responsible for the efficient and reproducible extraction of analytes from samples, with maximum recoveries.

iChrom Solutions

CHROSPE SPE cartridges are the most advanced commercially-available SPE consumables for online SPE in the world.

Developed over nearly four decades of research and practical application, CHROSPE cartridges have been used for online sample prep of hundreds of compounds across pharmaceutical, environmental, forensic, clinical, food/agriculture and other markets.

CHROSPE cartridges use microparticulate sorbent packings – average of <10 um for most phases - in order to achieve the smallest analyte bandwidth possible upon elution from the cartridge, and transfer onto the analytical LC column. These microparticulate packings provide narrow chromatographic peak shapes and maximum sensitivity, and are in contrast to most off-line packings (which are often in the 20-65 um size range).

In addition, the narrow cartridge diameter and low dead volume - 2 mm i.d./ ~20 uL elution volume for standard cartridges, and 1 mm i.d./ ~8 uL elution volume for high-pressure, UHPLC-compatible cartridges – prevent the cartridge elution step from having a significant impact on the analytical chromatography.

The original HySphere cartridges have an upper pressure limit of 300 bar. There is now a version of HySphere cartridges made from PEEK - and with a slightly thicker cartridge wall - that are compatible with pressures up to 1,000 bar. These are used in conjunction with an ACE high-pressure clamp (this version of the clamp can handle up to 1,300 bar), and are most often employed in systems integrated with UHPLC pumps and other high-pressure components.

Well-considered choices in cartridge sorbents may provide the benefit of “multi-dimensional” separation profiles, with selectivity unequalled by single-sorbent methods. Selection of specific sorbents for the CHROSPE range is based on proven performance quality for on-line SPE, and guaranteed control of physical and chemical characteristics such as particle size distribution, absence of fines, batch-to-batch reproducibility, etc. Every batch of CHROSPE SPE cartridges with small particles is tested for its extraction and elution performance, by measuring chromatographic plate numbers, and retention of a test substance. A Certificate of Analysis comes with every box of cartridges.

Available CHROSPE Phases

CHROSPE cartridges come in two pressure ranges (described above), and six main phase categories, to accommodate the widest possible range of applications; these categories include non-polar, polar, cation-exchange, anion-exchange, and two mixed-mode categories (cation-exchange/non-polar, and anion exchange/non-polar). Some of these phases may be used in more than one chromatographic mode depending on the solvent environment (for example, C2 and CN phases may be used in either non-polar or polar extraction modes). Other phases – such as the mixed mode phases - are specifically designed to be used in more than one mode, for enhanced selectivity and cleaner sample extracts.

Details of the different sorbent chemistries are as follows:

  • CHROSPE Resin SH (SH = Strong Hydrophobic) is a modified polystyrene-divinylbenzene polymer, 20-50µm particles, irregular shape. This highly-porous polymer resin adsorbs compounds very strongly; so it can be used with compounds having very little hydrophobicity. It is often used for the extraction of phenols and polar analytes, or for the extraction of a wide range of different compounds in a single assay.
  • CHROSPE C18-SE is an end-capped silica-based octadecyl phase. Particle size is 7 µm.
  • CHROSPE C2-SE is a silica-based ethyl phase. Particle size is 7 µm.
  • CHROSPE CN-SE is a silica-based cyanopropyl phase. Particle size is 7 µm.
  • CHROSPE C8 EC-SE is an end-capped silica-based octyl phase. Particle size is 10 µm.
  • CHROSPE C18 HD (HD = High Density) is an end-capped, silica-based phase with a high loading of octadecyl chains. The particle size is 7 µm, spherical shape. This phase is less polar then CHROSPE C18 (EC).
  • CHROSPE Resin GP (GP = General Phase) is a polydivinyl-benzene polymer. The particle size is 5-15 µm, spherical shape. This polymer phase can be used for the extraction of a wide variety of compounds with some hydrophobicity.
  • CHROSPE MM anion (MM = Mixed Mode) is a mixed mode anion exchanger with a polydivinyl-benzene polymer backbone. The average particle size is 10 µm. This polymer phase can be used – for example - for the extraction of organic acids.
  • CHROSPE MM cation (MM = Mixed Mode) is a mixed mode cation exchanger with a polydivinyl-benzene polymer backbone. The average particle size is 10 µm. This polymer phase can be used – for example - for the extraction of basic compounds.

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