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CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic – Flexible UHPLC with Online-SPE Front End

CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic is the entry-level system for the SPE/UHPLC user on a budget. Yet the CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic still offers all the fundamental advantages of online SPE coupled to UHPLC - to increase assay performance, including:

  • 1 Minimized raw sample preparation steps
  • 2 No drying/evaporation steps
  • 3 No extracted sample reconstitution
  • 4 Improved data precision
  • 5 High performance analytical separations - up to 1,280 bar without SPE
  • 6 Online SPE/UHPLC up to 300 bar, or 1,000 bar (requires high-pressure ACE module)
  • 7 Full automation

Because of its unique architecture, the CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic offers the scientist three distinct operational capabilities (without replumbing!):

  • 1 Standalone, automated SPE sample prep
  • 2 Direct injection of pre-extracted/preprocessed samples for UHPLC
  • 3 Integrated online SPE and UHPLC

Any of these three options may serve as a front-end to multiple detectors (including MS and MS-MS), or even a fraction collector if desired.

See below for more details on the CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic system components, features, and options.

CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic Overview

  • Fully automated and unattended switching between SPE-MS, UHPLC-MS and fully-integrated SPE-UHPLC-MS
  • Minimal or no manual sample pre-treatment steps via disposable SPE cartridges
  • Zero-loss sample processing; i.e., total analyte mass from raw sample volume processed is introduced into the UHPLC system for detection
  • Automatic UHPLC solvent compressibility compensation and automatic purge & prime functions
  • Controlled sample prep SPE flow-rates (10 - 5000 µL/min) with SPE pressures up to 300 bar
  • Advanced CTC PAL autosampler for injection and other sample operations (mix/dilute, addition of internal standard, etc.)
  • Fast Wash of syringe, aspirate & dispense
  • Facile, straightforward integration of CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic with most commercial mass spectrometer control/data systems
  • Upgradable to either CHRONECT Symbiosis Plus or Advanced systems
  • Completely GLP-compliant system

Modules included in CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic

  • SPH1299 UHPLC gradient pump with 2x2 solvent selections - details HERE see “CHRONECT SPH1299 Pump”
  • 4-piston architecture provides compressibility-compensated binary gradient flows from 1-4000 µL/min. at pressures up to 1,280 bar (~18,850 psi) for UHPLC separations
  • ACE single clamp (300 or 1000 bar), 1x UHPLC valves - details HERE see “CHRONECT ACE (Automated Cartridge Exchanger)”
  • ACE (“Automated Cartridge Exchanger”) SPE module manages high-performance SPE extraction cartridges, automatically switching-in new cartridge for each discreet sample
  • HPD Mix 1x SSM / Organizer - details HERE see “CHRONECT HPD Mix”
  • Delivers up to 7 different solvents for SPE extraction protocols; capable of delivering up to 300 bar pressures at precise and accurate flow rates for use with high-performance microparticulate cartridges to obtain maximum extraction reproducibility
  • Mistral Cool - details HERE see “CHRONECT Mistral Cool”
  • Provides precise column temperature control from 4° C to 75° C. With the optional column selector, allows sequencing of multiple runs under completely different analytical conditions
  • PAL LSI Autosampler with second valve - details HERE see “CHRONECT PAL LSI Autosampler”
  • Multi-purpose configuration may be used for direct sample injection in UHPLC-alone mode; sample handling of raw samples for SPE extractions; or complex operations including sample transfers, dilute and mix, internal standard addition, and others
  • CHRONOS CHRONECT Symbiosis software - details HERE see “CHRONOS Symbiosis Software”
  • Provides all operational control of CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic system; allows for seamless, single-table sample queues in a variety of commercial MS data acquisition and control software

CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic Options

  • NEW – Add CHRONECT Extract Collector - details HERE see “CHRONECT Extract Collector”
  • Upgrade HPD Mix SSM (Solvent Selector Module); 2nd valve gives 12 solvents total
  • Mistral Cool Column Selection UHPLC (for multiple UHPLC column choices)
  • Sample cooling with Peltier Stacks (4° C to 40° C)
  • PAL Sampler options
  • Solvent Module with 3 extra solvents
  • Higher capacity with more racks
  • Enhanced mixing with vortexer or agitator
  • Integration into workflows with 2D Barcode Reader
  • Many more options are available – see CHRONECT Symbiosis Modules