Automate your sample preparation

Need to improve your UHPLC performance? Try our CHRONECT AUTOMATED ONLINE SPE UHPLC systems.


High performance solid-phase extraction

The CHRONECT Symbiosis automated online SPE system fully automates your sample preparation. With a wide selection of of high-performance solid-phase extraction (SPE) cartridges, CHRONECT Symbiosis guarantees ultra-selective analyte extraction and purification for HPLC and UHPLC based analysis.

Widely Compatible

CHRONECT Symbiosis systems from iChrom are available as complete Online SPE-(U)HPLC solution or as separate Online SPE system that can be paired with your existing downstream (U)HPLC system. CHRONECT seamlessly works with a variety of detectors, like:


  • Mass spectrometers: (UHP)LC-MS, LC-MS-MS
  • UV-Visible or photodiode array (PDA) detectors
  • Fluorometers
  • All liquid chromatography-compatible detection modules

The specs you said?

iChrom CHRONECT Symbiosis consists of following components:


  • CHRONECT Autosampler processes for raw or cleaned-up samples with no carry-over.
  • ACE - Automated Cartridge Exchanger with Single or Dual Clamp. It holds 2x96 online SPE cartridge trays and manages the online SPE cartridge handling.
  • HPD - High-Pressure Dispenser, provides automatic sample activation, conditioning, washing and sample loading steps
  • iChrom CHRONECT Symbiosis software that seamlessly integrates with your detector.

Up to the highest standard

We can assure you that iChrom's CHRONECT systems deliver up to the highest industry standards.

How do we know?

Because our iChrom CHRONECT is the system of choice at the CDC for their automated PFAS analysis.

photo adapted from Raed Mansour


Upgrading or expanding?
We've got you covered. 

As an upgrade, iChrom CHRONECT Automated Online SPE system can pair with your existing (UHP)LC system, or as  expansion it includes (UHP)LC pumps to be used directly in front of your detector. 

CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced
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