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SPE Accessories

We offer a full complement of accessories for doing solid phase extraction. From cartridges for the Spark systems to barrels for offline, even plates. All of the components necessary to convert a LC system to an on-line system are available as add-ons.

ACE™ Automatic Cartridge Exchanger

ACE_1Combining the best of the on-line and off-line SPE worlds. Off-line SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) provides cartridge refreshment for every sample, avoiding the risk of retention change and carry-over.

HPD™ Mix

HPD_mixTraditional volumetric dispensers are designed for pipetting reagents or samples into vials or wells at ambient pressure or a few Bar at most. on-line volumetric reagent delivery however, may require the ability to introduce reagents into a system with a high working pressure.

Hysphere™ Cartridges

Cartridges_1The HySphere™ cartridge range has been specially developed for the Symbiosis™ / Prospekt on-line SPE system. The sorbents are exclusively developed by Spark to ensure optimal efficiency and reproducibility for a wide range of compounds.

Grace Components

iChrom_Product_graceAddress today’s separation challenges with Grace’s leading HPLC, GC and SPE column technologies. You will find innovative chemistries, unsurpassed reliability, and hardware configurations that optimize your method requirements for speed, sensitivity, resolution or sample loading.