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Spark SPE Systems

Designed to fulfill all of the stringent requirements of offline SPE, Spark’s SPE systems offer real world automation. on-line SPE systems offer significant savings through solvent reduction, analyst time, and consumable costs. From automatic selection of cartridges to optimizing elution solvents, Spark’s on-line SPE systems offer the most automation of any on-line system available on the market today! For those just starting out in on-line SPE, Spark also offers fixed systems that can be upgraded to full automation through cost effective upgrade packages.


Symbiosis™ Pro

Symbiosis™ Pro is Spark Holland’s unique solution for integrated on-line SPE-LC-MS automation (XLC-MS). The system offers large flexibility in processing different types of samples selecting one of the three fully automated operational modes LC-MS (direct LC without SPE); XLC-MS (on-line SPE coupled to LC-MS); AMD (advanced method development).


Symbiosis™ Pico

Symbiosis_1The Symbiosis™ Pico System is a perfect fit in any LC-MS lab and offers all the basic advantages of on-line SPE to increase assay performance while reducing method development time.


Symbiosis Standard

iChrom_Product_PICO_standardThe Symbiosis Standard system combines the Individual System with a Spark autosampler for streamlined sample introduction. With the Spark autosampler, you are able to do simultaneous SPE and elution since the autosampler is no longer part of the LC set.


Symbiosis Individual

iChrom_Product_PICO_individualSymbiosis™ individual Combines the Spark Holland ACE and HPD modules for On-line SPE (or column switching, or 2D LC).  It permits use of small sorbent particles for efficient SPE plus elution of the sample directly into the LC system by the mobile phase.


Symbiosis Fixed

iChrom_Product_PICO_fixedThe Fixed SPE system is an ideal alternative for a column switching system. It uses a disposable cartridge that can easily be replaced after each sample batch. The Fixed SPE system can be connected to any existing (U)HPLC set.


Symbiosis Advanced Fixed

iChrom_Product_PICO_advancedfixedThe Advances Fixed SPE system offers additional positions for a total of 6 cartridges.