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Spark SPE Systems


Designed to fulfill all of the stringent requirements of offline SPE, Spark’s SPE systems offer real world automation. on-line SPE systems offer significant savings through solvent reduction, analyst time, and consumable costs.


membraPure Systems

iChrom_Product_AracusThe AAA system of the new generation Aracus (successor of the A200) makes analysis of amino acids more modern, fast and simple. It uses the classic way of routine analysis in amino acids by post column derivatisation with ninhydrin, also known as “the Gold Standard”.


Chromatography Systems

iChrom offers a full line of chromatography systems to meet the demanding needs of the laboratory environment. The ECOM EC01 platform UV and PDA systems offer isocratic and low pressure mixing gradient systems for normal high performance liquid chromatography.

Chromatography Pumps

Pump_1iChrom offers pumping systems to compliment any LC system. Isocratic and gradient systems with flow-rates from 10 uL to 10 mL/min operating at up to 5,800 psi and UHPLC gradient systems with flow-rates from 1 uL to 5 mL/min. operating at pressures up to 18,000 psi.

Chromatography Detectors

iChrom_Product_HPLCPumpOur detectors offer single and dual wavelength detection from 190 – 800 nm. A variety of flow cells are available depending upon the flow-rates needed for the application. For more demanding applications, we offer Photo Diode Array detectors that can monitor four wavelengths simultaneously from 190 – 800 nm.

Autosampler Solutions

Alias_2We offer autosamplers to compliment any LC system. Our standard autosampler begins with a front panel control system that can be connected to most LC pump and detector combination through contact closure.

Chromatography Accessories

Mistral_1Complimentary modules such as column heaters and column switching valves can be added to any LC system. We offer software control for monitoring column temperature when combined with our software packages.


SPE Accessories

Cartridges_1We offer a full complement of accessories for doing solid phase extraction. From cartridges for the Spark systems to barrels for offline, even plates. All of the components necessary to convert a LC system to an on-line system are available as add-ons.


Chromatography Software

iChrom_Product_clarityThere are several options available for controlling both the systems and the individual modules. Our team of professionals is available to help you determine the best platform for your laboratory needs. We offer standard and customized training courses to cover all aspects of operation.