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Manual Injector Valve


Manual injector is a stainless steel two-position valve with needle injection port on the front side.


The Manual Injection Valve offers the No-Flow-Interruption technology which reduces pressure spikes to a minimum during position switching.  It contains a built-in position sensor for starting data acquisition precisely at the point of injections.

The stator of the valve is made of stainless steel and features the DiaDur coating on its working face which not only protects the contact surface form wear but also decreases the abrasiveness between the stator and rotor.  The needle port can be used with standard microliter syringes (e.g Hamilton) or plastic type blunt syringes (PST3 needle point style) in conjunction with 0.7 mm needles.  The valve comes with a standard PPS rotor seal and 20 µL stainless steel sample loop.  Also available is a preparative injection valve with a 2 mL SS sample loop for larger sample volumes.
Analytical/Semi-Preparative Injection Valve – 20 µL loop

  • 41.4 MPa (414bar, 6000 psi) maximum pressure
  • Manual control
  • 35 mm/62 mm dimensions
  • 0.6 mm internal diameter
  • UNF 10-32 standard thread capillary connection
  • Material: stainless steel, PPS
  • 2 µL to 5 mL loop volumes

Preparative Injection Valve – 2 mL loop

  • 25 MPa (250bar, 3750 psi) maximum pressure
  • Manual control
  • 35 mm/67 mm dimensions
  • 1.5 mm internal diameter
  • UNF 5/16” – 24 thread capillary connection
  • Material: stainless steel, PEEK
  • 1 mL to 20 mL loop volumes