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AKTA Autosampler


$18k – $25k

ALIAS™ is a standard autosampler for AKTA and AKTA pure systems using state-of-the-art injection technology with fast injection and wash cycles. Efficient, multi-solvent needle wash virtually eliminates carry-over. ALIAS™ handles well plates and sample vials, either open or sealed, and provides true 4°C sample cooling.


Requires the 29-0113-61 I/O box E9 connected to ÄKTA pure (includes the necessary cables and connectors) to be able to send the contact closure signals.

The auto sampler can also be connected to classical ÄKTA systems using the same principal of connection and control. Classical ÄKTA systems don´t require the A/D 900 as control and contact closure are provided through the auxiliary port from the pump unit.

  • Reliable injection performance
  • Well plates and vials
  • Bio-inert flow-path
  • Stackable


  • ISS – In-Stream Switching for column switching of flow diversion
  • Large Volume injection
  • Sample cooling